As a local family-owned business with several decades of experience, we refuse to belive that all bakery goods are created equally.

To simply explain what we mean by that, we want to tell you about our principles in making products.

  • We use natural and premium quality ingredients, including purified water.
  • We make everything from scratch by hand (No premixed box or delivered frozen dough here).
  • We personally taste after each batch is baked, making sure that all the products meet our high standard of quality that we refuse to give up.

What are 'natural and premium ingredients'?, you may ask.

Do you know someone who insists on baking cookies and cakes at home with natural ingredients...maybe like your auntie or granny?

We do make our products like we bake at home for families. We've raised our children with our handmade goods and that's the only kind that we are willing to sell to other families.

How many bakers do you know who can say that?